P&K AST (TA Luft 2021 / AUSTAL)

Program introduction

Dispersion calculation for dust, air pollutants and odor
according to TA Luft 2021

We offer a PC program, P&K AST, to carry out dispersion calculations for dust and air pollutants according to the procedure stated in the TA Luft 2021 (in force autumn 2021) by usage of the particle model lined out in VDI 3945 part 3 (Environmental meteorology - Atmospheric dispersion models - Particle model) and further guidelines stated in the TA Luft.

Various types of sources (point, line, area and volume) with time-dependent variations as well as cooling towers and terrain heights can be considered.

The program can handle the required time lines or dispersion category statistics.

The program considers all substances for which control values are defined in the TA Luft.

Deposition and sedimentation of dust can be considered.

Calculation for a raster of points or for dedicated evaluation points.

The program is a Windows program with intuitive operation featuring selection lists and graphics. Graphics and Reports can be printed to standard Windows printers or inserted into other programs via the clipboard. Also graphics can be zoomed or moved.

Objects as sources, monitor points and calculation grids can be placed and edited in a graphical environment on a canvas. A map can be defined as background images.

The program can generate various graphics from the input data or results. From the prognosticated characteristics different presentations e.g. color coded shapes, placed numbers, isolines or three-dimensional illustrations can be generated and transferred to printers or other programs.

The program produces reports in HTML format which can be used for the documentation, or imported to most word processing programs.

The program has an export tool for an easy data exchange with other programs (e.g. "Surfer", "AutoCad", spreadsheets or text processing programs). With that tool, data can be combined flexibly and stored in different formats.

The program is present in German and English.

Option Multi-Core: Calculation will run with almost 4-fold (Quad Core) or 8-fold (8-Core) the speed. Multi-Core: Computer with multiple Processors or Cores. Not HyperThread!

At www.petersen-kade.com you can see the program documentation and samples, as well as download a demo.