PC-programs for the environment areas air, noise and odor

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P&K 2714  
Dispersion calculations for noise according to the guidelines ISO 9613-2 (VDI 2714),VDI 2571, VDI 2720, RLS-90 and SCHALL 03. The calculations can be carried out for a very big number of sources (fasade, outside and line sources) in the octavo band or with rated levels. Also reflection, dispersion and diffraction on obstacles and on the ground are taken into consideration.

The ISO line representation of the results is integrated. Noise spectrums can be determined from technical data of the emitter.

Emissions according to RLS-90 and SCHALL 03 as well as the access to lists for sound power, barriers and hall interior levels are included.

P&K 3781  
Calculation of the stack height according to TA Luft 1986 and 2002 including correction for uneven terrains according to VDI 3781 part 2 on the basis of digitalized nomographs.1180,-
Upgrade to Version 6
P&K 3782  
Dispersion calculation according to VDI 3782 part 1 (1992/2001) and TA Luft 86 for expert's reports and air quality management. Many point, line and area sources as well as receptor point areas with pre-pollution in big numbers can be taken into consideration. Statistical data of dispersion categories with precipitation can be processed. The ISO line representation is integrated in the program.2750,-
Option Cooling Tower for consideration of cooling tower plumes.
With the option Expert characteristics for several statistical data of dispersion categories (e.g. I2-dust, daily course, annually course) and with deviating dispersion parameters (traffic) can be calculated.
P&K 3783  
Dispersion calculation for incident-conditioned release (emission) according to VDI 3783 part 1 and part 2 in an integrated implementation of both guidelines.1180,-
Upgrade to Version 6
P&K 3950  
Flexible Regression calculation
Includes Regression calculation for the calibration of automatic emission measuring instruments according to the guidelines VDI 3950 part 1 (1994-07) and VDI 2066 including the quadratic regression.
Calculation of the stack height according to VDI 3781 part 4.1280,-
Program for the analysis of meteorologic data and generation of dispersion category statistics according to VDI 3782 part 1.490,-
P&K odor  
Dispersion calculation for odor according to VDI 3782 part 4 and factor-10-method. The ISO line representation is integrated in the program.1595,-
Dispersion calculation according to VDI 3945 part 3 (Environmental meteorology - Atmospheric dispersion models - Particle model) and TA LUFT 2002.
Comfortable extension of AUSTAL2000.with dialogs, assessments and illustrations.
Upgrade to Version 2.6
Multi-Core 4: Calculation will run with almost 2-fold (Dual Core) or 4-fold (Quad-Core) the speed.

Requires Computer with multiple Processors or Cores. Not HyperThread!

Multi-Core 4: Upgrade to Version 2.6
Multi-Core 8: Calculation will run with almost 8-fold (8 Core) the speed.

Requires Computer with multiple Processors or Cores and a lot of RAM. Not HyperThread!

Multi-Core 8: Upgrade to Version 2.6
Upgrade Multi-Core 4 Version<2.6 to Multi-Core 8 Version 2.6
Cluster: Calculation will run up to 16-fold the speed.

Requires multiple networked sufficient PCs; Special Installation knowledge required!!!

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Digital Elevation Data on 50m Meshes. Special price by 31.12.04 of Euro 195.00 per region. Available now for: Germany Austria/Switzerland Poland Czechia/Slovakia and The Neatherlands.245,-
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