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PC-programs for the environment areas air, noise and odor

Environmental Software

P&K METProgram for the analysis and conversion of meteorologic data and generation or conversion of dispersion category statistics according to VDI 3782 part 1.
P&K 3781Calculation of the stack height according to TA Luft 1986 and 2002 including correction for uneven terrain according to VDI 3781 part 2 on the basis of digitalized nomographs.
P&K TAL2KDispersion calculation according to VDI 3945 part 3 (Environmental meteorology - Atmospheric dispersion models - Particle model) and TA LUFT 2002.
Comfortable extension of AUSTAL2000 with dialogs, assessments and illustrations. Includes calculation for odor.

Option Multi-Core: Calculation will run with almost 4-fold (Quad Core) or 8-fold (8-Core) the speed. Requires: Computer with multiple processors or cores (not Hyper Thread).
 See P&K AST for a newer method
P&K MPI2Multi-Core / Multi-Processor Extension for Austal View
 See P&K MPI3 for a newer method
P&K 2714Dispersion calculations for noise according to the guidelines ISO 9613-2 (VDI 2714), VDI 2571, VDI 2720, RLS-90 and SCHALL 03.
P&K 3782Dispersion calculation according to VDI 3782 part 1 (1992/2001) and TA Luft 86 for expert's reports and air quality management.
 See P&K AST for a newer method
P&K 3950Flexible Regression calculation
Includes Regression calculation for the calibration of automatic emission measuring instruments according to the guidelines VDI 3950 part 1 (1994-07) and VDI 2066 including the quadratic regression.
P&K OdorDispersion calculation for odor according to VDI 3782 part 4 and factor-10-method. The ISO line representation is integrated in the program.
 See P&K TAL2K for a newer method
GlobDEM50GlobDEM50 Digital Elevation Data on 50m Meshes for Germany Austria/Switzerland Poland Czechia/Slovakia and The Neatherlands.

All programs are tested under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. P&K KFA requires OpenGL min version 3.0. Some programs can be used under Linux. See our forum for this.