P&K 3950

Function and Significance test

Regression parameter form

With selection of the function f(x) or the button "Auto f(x)" a significance checking between the polynom formula of the first (linear regression) and the second order (quadratic regression) is performed and the quadratic formula is selected, if it is significantly (with a confidence of 95 %) better than the linear formula.

Settings and data fields

  • The determination coefficient for linear and quadratic regression according to HARTUNG, page 579 and 593
  • Distribution according to VDI 3950, part 1 equations 5 and 27
  • Regression equation
  • X- and Y-average values
  • Number of measuring points
  • A, B and C, the coefficients in the regression equation
  • Statistical certainty
  • Share of the population (1-Gamma)

Inquiry block

  • x value
  • y value at x
  • y + confidence interval at x
  • y - confidence interval at x
  • y + tolerance interval at x
  • y - tolerance interval at x

Additional setting possibilities

  • Set coefficients manually
  • Show calculated data graph
  • Show confidence interval in the graphic
  • Show tolerance interval in the graphic


4.1 Function and significance test
4.2 Confidence and tolerance interval
4.3 Value inquiry
4.4 Additional data regression curve

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