P&K AST (TA Luft 2021 / AUSTAL)

Column Properties

column properties

In this form the properties of the column can be changed.

The column name shown here is an example only and possibly not available in your program.

Column Id

This is the internal identifier of the column. If properties are stored via Memorize, those properties will be used for this identifier.


Column title for the output.


Here the unit can be changed, in order to adapt it e.g. to a factor.


All values of the column are multiplied with this value before displayed.

Format Type

The Format Type is available for real numbers only and has following meanings:


Length of the element when displayed. See also Format Type.


See Format Type.


This button resets the settings to the factory defaults. The new settings will not become effective in all cases.


With this button, the current settings are memorized (for this program) and used in the next session.

Following might not be available in your program yet, or is solved in a different way (P&K 3950)

Minimum value for User function

The User function will not be evaluated, if the cell value is not greater or equal to this value.

User function

The User function can be defined to calculate values, depending on the values of other columns and the same row. Use the Column Id to address a column.