P&K AST (TA Luft 2021 / AUSTAL)

Evaluation areas

The results of a prognosis can be projected on evaluation areas. This might be required to comply e.g . to the Odor control guideline (Geruchs-Immissions-Richtlinie (GIRL)), but is not limited to Odor. The results are projected per geometric mean values. Incomplete areas will be deleted. The definition can be changed after a prognosis.

Center of the area; X-Coordinate

Relative to Gx,

Center of the area; Y-Coordinate

Relative to Gy.

Gx, Gy is defined in Project Parameter.

Half horizontal expansion (Radius) R

Determines together with the Raster Width the number of evaluation areas. The user has to take care of the alignment of areas around the center. An odd result off 2R/D will create a centered square in the center of the area.

Raster width D

Width of a raster mesh.