P&K AST (TA Luft 2021 / AUSTAL)

Program Preferences

Global Settings

Program preferences can be modified in this form. They are stored in Application-Configuration.


If the hints disappear too fast, a value for "HintHidePause" can be set in the file P&K.ini (in the program directory). E.g. "HintHidePause.value=2500" means, the hint remains visible for 2.5 sec., if no other actions with the mouse were made.

Axis label format

When not satisfied with the axes label format, one can insert a format definition in the file p&k.ini, which can be found in the program directory. The line "AxisLabelFormat.Text=0.######" means, the decimal dot is to be shown, the leading zero is to be shown and a maximum of 6 digits of the fraction. The line "AxisLabelFormat.Text=#,###.###" will show the comma when the value exceeds 1000, no leading zeros, a decimal dot and a maximum of 3 digits of the fraction. The quotation marks are not to be inserted.

Decimal Character

Real number Decimal Character in outputs. Numbers, which are stored as strings are not affected.

Use Default Internet Browser

Switches between internal and external browsers. The internal browser has some settings in the header area, which are also being used in other HTML outputs. The internal browser inserts a page feed before each block. The external browser inserts conditional page breaks before each block.


In case the HTML-Layout needs to be modified, a so called stylesheet can be used. The simple entry tells the browser to display the content of table cells in 9 point font size. Other used HTML-Elements are: th (table header cells), h2 (headings), h3 (sub headings) and p (paragraph).

Initial Dir

This sets the start or initial folder for open and save operations.