Program Version History

Version 2.6.11 (2018-02-28) for AustalView

  • Just updated text and link.

Version 2.6.11 (2015-08-27) for AustalView 8.6

  • Just updated text.

Version 2.6.11 (2015-07-27) for AustalView 8.6

  • MPI configuration hanger fixed in Windows 10.

Version 2.6.11 (2015-07-16) for AustalView 8.6

  • TALDAImpi error regarding settingspath prevented.
  • New calculation test pk_mpi_test.exe in Models folder

Version 2.6.11 (2015-07-06) for AustalView 8.6

  • More possible error hints during installation.
  • During installation MPIEXEC.exe will be searched in more locations.
  • The console window clear at program initialisation of pk_mpi.exe has been removed to avoid hiding possible errors.
  • New program pk_mpi_test.exe to quickly test the calculation with a built in sample.

Version 2.6.11 (2015-03-31) for AustalView 8.6

  • Problem regarding wrong calling parameter prevented.

Version 2.6.11 (2014-10-28) for AustalView 8.6

  • Processor-Identification workaround for AMD Chips. On AMD system cores might not be identified correctly, but the number of logical processors is correct. In such cases "use HyperThreads" must be checked.

Version 2.6.11 (2014-10-09) for AustalView 8.6

  • Processor-Identification rewritten
  • Taldia Bug-fix removed, because bug was fixed.
  • Small adjustments.
  • Uses austal2000 2.6.11

Version (2014-09-21)

  • An additional hint for lax instruction readers to install MS-MPI.

Version (2014-03-28)

  • Includes now changes of austal2000 version 2.6.9 and optional austal2000N.
  • Dropped testing and support of Windows XP and older.
  • Switched from MPICH2 to MS-MPI, which solves the startup delay on Windows 8x.
  • Switched Installer Software to better control and install requirements.

Version (2013-07-08)

  • Correction of the processor identification and program configuration.

Version Plus (2012-05-04)

  • Conzentration for AS, NI, HG and TL was missing.
  • PLUS option got disabled.

Version (2011-11-30)

  • The order of run parameters for austal2000.exe has been changed as we got one case where this caused problems. Error ./.austal2000.log could not be written.
  • We sometimes use DOS 8.3 names to overcome problems with special characters. The program will now generate an error if DOS 8.3 names were turned off in the registry

Version (2011-11-18)

  • The huge, in verbose mode (verbosity>3), created taldia.log files could crash pk_mpi.exe. The merging of these files are now done using less memory. Now what will one do with a 800MB log file?

Version (2011-10-14)

  • Minor correction to catch possible problems with special characters in paths (e.g. lib) and austal2000.txt.

Version 2.5.1 (2011-09-19)

  • Includes AUTSTAL2000 2.5.1 (Problem 2011-09-12 fixed (PRFMOD and AKS)

Version 2.1.0/Windows (2011-07-25)

  • New config program. This has been introduced to overcome UAC problems. The program will be invoked at installation time or when double clicking on pk_mpi.exe. Its a GUI program and allows to set max. Processes for cases one wishes to reduce that or if the CPU wasn't properly detected.

Version 2.0.0/Windows (2011-03-30)

  • If started with option -l, possibly created volout* files were not copied to the project directory.
  • The program supports now multibyte characters in some areas. Note that in austal2000.txt only ANSI characters are permitted.

Version 1.0.19/Windows (2010-09-27)

  • The log output into the file message.log has been enhanced by two new entries.
  • The processor identification has been improved.

Version 1.0.18/Windows (2010-06-21)

  • Default input buffer size of austalMPI.exe has been increased for timelines with variing components. (austalMPIplus.exe 1.0.18 was released on 2010-04-15)

Version 1.0.13/Windows (2009-10-07)

  • If pk_mpi working directories exists, pk_mpi will now ask if it shall delete those.
  • On I7 prozessors HyperThreads can be used with an 8-Core License. Don't turn this on on other processors as it will cause wrong results.

Version 1.0.10/Windows (2009-03-23)

  • Read-Only files were copied with this attribute into the working directories and couldn't be deleted afterwords. Such files will be deleted now.
  • The log output contains now specific information about the file causing problems on a delete request in the file message.log. The file is located in the directory: "c:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Lakes\Austal View\Models" or "c:\Program files\Lakes\Austal View\Models" or equivalent.
  • The input prompt in the case of error is now preceded with the message "Hit Enter to continue".
  • Other sub-folders as LIB in the project folder are now ignored and not copied into the working directories.

Version 1.0.9/Windows (2009-03-21)

  • Workaround for the problem with blanks in the path of existing wind fields. The DOS 8.11-names are here being used now and the auto genaration of these names must be on for this to work. This is the default.

Version 1.0.8/Windows (2009-02-25)

  • This version includes austalMPI.exe and taldiaMPI.exe version 2.4.7
  • New Cluster Config Test functions

P&K 3783 Dispersion calculation for accidental releases (emission) according to VDI 3783 part 1 and part 2 in an integrated implementation of both guidelines.