P&K 2714

Averaging of non-continuous noises

P&K 2714: Support temporary suspended for review / Unterstützung vorübergehend für Revision ausgesetzt

Calculation form for averaging of non-continuous noises

Calculation of an averaging level of non-continuous noises.

Lm=10*lg(Sum(10Li/10*Ti)/B) (see VDI 2058, September 1985)

TA Lärm guideline values:

 pure business district 7070
 primary business district6550
 mixed district6045
 primary residential area5540
 pure residential area5035
 Resorts, Hospitals4535


Descriptor is a user defined text, which will be transfered, by pressing OK, together with the results into the appropriate tables.

Reference period (B) [h]

Reference period for the evaluation level after TA Lärm is for the 16 day hours from 6 to 22 o'clock, for the loudest night hour.

Time intervals (Ti) [h]

Sound power levels (Li) [dB(A)]

Relative spectrum [dB]

see Relative spectrum

A-weighted average level (Lm) [dB(A)]

Average spectrum [dB]

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