P&K 2714

Emissions level according to Schall 03

P&K 2714: Support temporary suspended for review / Unterstützung vorübergehend für Revision ausgesetzt

Calculation form for emissions level according to Schall 03

With the form SCHALL 03, an Octave band and an A-weighted emission level (Lm,E) are calculated according to "Richtlinie zur Berechnung der Schallimmissionen von Schienenwegen, August 1990"


Descriptor is a user defined text, which will be transfered, by pressing OK, together with the results into the appropriate tables.

Primary entries (generate the Calculation parameter)

Vehicle type

Choice of:

  • v>100 km/h, wheel absorber
  • Disc brakes
  • Bx-wagon with locomotive
  • Subway
  • Tram
  • Other vehicle

Disc brakes (p) [%]

Bed type

Choice of:

  • Grass covered - Tramway
  • Ballast bed - Reinforced-concrete sleeper, with special attenuation
  • Ballast bed - timber sleeper
  • Ballast bed - Reinforced-concrete sleeper
  • Hard bed - not absorbing

Train length (l) [m/h]

Curve radius [m]

Choice of:

  • <300m
  • 300 to <500m
  • >500m

Speed (v) [km/h]

Railway line speed.

Calculation parameter (Corrections)

Influence of vehicle type (DFz)

Influence of bed type (DFb)

Influence of brake design (DD)

Influence of bridges (DBr)

Influence of train length (Dl)

Influence of grade crossings (DBü)

Influence of train speed (Dv)

Influence of curves (DRa)

Relative spectrum [dB]

see Relative spectrum


Emission (LmE) [dB[A]]

Emission spectrum [dB]

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