P&K TAL2K requires besides a Microsoft Windows system from Version 2000 on:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (at least Version 7)
  • The Program AUSTAL2000.exe1) 2).
  • The Program TALdia.exe1) 2), in case wind fields / terrains are to be considered.
  • The archive with the register of roughness lengthes, in case the roughness length is to be evaluated automatically 1) 2).
  • The Program VDISP.exe 3), in case cooling towers are to be considered according to .


To carry out a project with some more data of third parties might be needed.

  • The weather data needed by can be obtained from the weather services (e.g. from Deutschen Wetterdienst). The usable formats are to be considered, when obtaining data. Our Program can be helpful to create or convert weather data. Also see 2.2 Weather data.
  • Terrain data can be entered (laborious) in P&K TAL2K or obtained from third parties. The importable formats are listed in 2.4 Terrain.
  • Calculation samples1).


Sufficient powerful Personal Computer with Microsoft Windows 7 or later. The Calculation is very intense, that's why "sufficient powerful" begins approximately at 1 GHz processor speed. Of course should the PC be equipped with a sufficient amount of RAM, this should be not under 512 MByte. Also see Benchmarks.

1) These file(s) can be retrieved at www.Janicke.de under AUSTAL2000.

2) If these files are not stored in P&K TAL2K's program directory, P&K TAL2K will prompt for the location before beginning the first calculation.
3) This file is available under www.vdi/vdisp or already in included in the program package.

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