P&K 2714

Emission level according to RLS 90

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Calculation form for emission level according to RLS 90

With the form RLS-90, an Octave band and an A-weighted emission level (Lm,E) are calculated according to "Richtlinie für den Lärmschutz an Straßen, August 1990".


Descriptor is a user defined text, which will be transfered, by pressing OK, together with the results into the appropriate tables.

Primary entries (generate the Calculation parameter)

DTV [Kfz/24h]

Average daily traffic volume.

Pkw-Speed (vPkw) [km/h]

Speed of passenger cars.

Road type

Choice of:

Lkw-Speed (vLkw) [km/h]

Speed of Trucks.

Road surface

Choice of:

Pitch attitude (g) [%]

Calculation parameter (Corrections)

Traffic volume (M) [Kfz/h]

Considerable hourly traffic volume.

Gradient (DStg) [dB[A]]

Correction for upward and downward gradients.

Lkw-share (p) [%]

Considerable truck share (over 2.8t admissible total weight)

Pkw-level (LPkw) [dB(A)]

Average level for Passenger cars.

Lkw-level (LLkw) [dB(A)]]

Average level for trucks.

Road surfaces (DStroO) [dB(A)]

Correction for varying road surfaces.

Relative spectrum [dB]

see Relative spectrum


Maximum speeds (Dv) [dB(A)]

Correction for different speeds.

25-m-Level (Lm25) [dB(A)]

Emission (LmE) [dB(A)]

Emission spectrum [dB]