P&K 2714

Program Version Review

P&K 2714: Support temporary suspended for review / Unterstützung vorübergehend für Revision ausgesetzt

Version (2015-08-24)

  • The Program can now be started with a project file name as parameter.
  • During installation a link for idp files to P&K 2714 will be registered. This allows to open a project with double click.
  • Some fixes for Windows 10.

Version (2013-08-09)

  • Changed default to ISO 9613-2 in Edit / Standards.
  • Reorganised Menu. All Outputs and Inputs (which do not require a new calculation) are now under Analisis.
  • New faster isoline modul.
  • Program has been revamped to support Multibyte Characters and uses UTF-8 character encoding.
  • Some fixes for multi monitor setups. (no 100% support on none primary monitor)

Version (2009-02-18)

  • In View / Sections windows sizes are now saved as well.
  • New form in View / Window Size in which window sizes can be stored and used in all projects.

Version (2008-08-27)

  • For Help and Reports an embedded browser will be used. This avoids those Script-Warnings from Internet Explorer.
  • New Form App-Config
  • Modifications and tests under Linux/Wine. More information to this in our Forum.

Version (2008-08-01

  • The content encoding will now be set in reports. This will now display special characters, properly when the browser setting is e.g. UTF-8..
  • If the environment variable LOCALAPPDATA is set (Windows Vista) all files, which are modified by the application, are stored in the local application data folder. This should now avoid any problems, which relate to the User-Account-Control of Windows Vista. At the first use of this program version, all related files are copied to the application data folder and are ignore in the program folder thereafter.

Version (2007-03-25)

  • Fix for different screen resolution if other than 96dpi.

Version (2007-12-18)

  • In most of the forms an embetted help has been added. This can be turned off in Preferences.
  • New form to store constants, which can be used in most numeric entry fields.

Version (2007-04-10)

  • Improved testing if line source cut through obstacles.

Version (2006-01-16)

  • Finally we got the source code for our graphic library and were able to fix the gap/overlap error in the colored shape illustrations.

Version (2006-01-08)

  • Results can now be illustrated using transparent colored shapes. See Shape Attributes
  • Background image will now be updated, when changed in result illustration.

Version (2005-10-29)

  • Startup time 30% reduced.
  • Documents revised to avoid MS IE error messages.

Version (2005-08-21)

  • Saved (memorized) report parameters weren't considered when showing a report.
  • The Shape Size was not taken into account under unknown circumstances.

Version (2005-06-27)

  • Objects near 0 degree rotation could have been displayed with as 0 degree angle in the propagation path control.

Version (2005-06-19)

  • Calculation of the day-evening-night level Lden according to the DIRECTIVE 2002/49/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 25 June 2002 relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise.
  • Little enhancement in the result illustration, with which section settings can be saved and easily restored. See Menu: View / Section.
  • The isoline illustration has been made a little faster.
  • Geo-referenced TIFF files can be directly imported .
  • Inside the result representation the current cursor position can be shown. See View / Coordinates.
  • Traffic source entered relative to an obstacle weren't proplerly place,w hen entered via the graphic tool.
  • New document Practical execution

Version (2004-08-20)

  • The calculation could hang under some circumstances. This has been fixed.

Version (2004-03-23)

  • Some graphic parameter like manually set thresholds have been saved, but not restored again
  • An isoline width smaller than 2 has been set to 3.

Version (2004-03-19)

  • Recent file dialog has been overhauld and offers now more comfort.
  • Atfer a calculation a prompt could apear and ask to void the results.

Version (2003-12-12)

  • An error could occur, when save graphic configurations. This has been fixed.
  • The scale factor in graphics printing has been corrected.

Version (2003-11-19)

  • Some settings (those with no inpact on the calculation) will be copied directly into the results.
  • The background image is now being stored in the project file.

Form Graphical Tools for drawing objects

  • An index error could occour if an object was selected but then not clicked up on for dragging.
  • The legend is no longer been moved by dragging it with the mouse.
  • The legend is parametered differently to accommodate more entries. Still, not all entries will be shown, if the number of entries is too large. In ssuch a case, change settings in Setup, or switch it off

Version (2003-09-02)

  • Alternatively, comma or dot can be used as decimal delimiter, when entering real numbers.
  • Comma or dot can be selected as decimal delimiter in outputs.
  • Single Columns can be imported via the Popup Menu. From the selected file, the values are taken and written to the position, from which the dialog was invoked. One value will be read per line from an ASCII file (includes CSV format) .
  • Search function in table editor.

Version (2003-06-23)

  • Row-Editor in some grid forms.
  • In most cases, the graphic settings can now be saved.

Version (2003-01-18)

Simplified installation procedure. The downloaded file is a executable program, which doesn't need to be unpacked beforehand.

Version (2002-12-21)

  • The style sheet in preferences will now be save in P&K.ini.
  • In some illustrations, the graphic can now be printed scaled (see Graphical illustrations and the form Scaled Printing).
  • The number formatting in the Data-Export has been improved to avoid width problems.
  • Import into table dialogs has been enhanced with a option form. See Operations in tables
  • The background of the graphics is now white to simplify printing.
  • Inside the table dialogs, one could get mixed up column values, when columns were moved with a column filter set.
  • Data beginning with a minus sign in Extra-Objects could result into problems.
  • The rotation angle of obstacles in Paths was ignored by the graphic routines being used. Rotated obstacles are now build from four walls and two triangles for the roof.

Version 5.3/Windows (2002-05-20)

Besides many tiny (here undescribed) modifications and corrections, the following alterations are to be pointed out.

  • An error in the receptor point raster generation has been fixed.
  • Recently modified project can be opened directly in File / Recent Projects
  • All references to HTML.OCX have been deleted, this will avoid problems related to this modul. Instead of HTML.OCX, the MS Internet Explorer must be present in the System.
  • A new document "Getting Started" has been included.
  • The function of the spectrum selector button has been fixed.

The Program must be retrieved as a complete Package from our Web-Server.

Version (2001-12-05)

Besides many tiny (here undescribed) modifications and corrections, the following alterations are to be pointed out.

The Program must be retrieved as a complete Package from our Web-Server.

Version / Windows (2001-06-05)

On some systems, a stack over flow could occur after changing a numerical value an leaving the grid form. The program dealing with this matter has been fixed and has been made available for download at www.encoco.com/downloads/pk_2714.zip or www.encoco.de/downloads/pk_2714.zip. The file version of PK_2714.EXE is now The program needs to be unpacked and copied over the program version This program is also included in the program-download from today on.

Version / Windows (2001-06-01)

This Version features Full 32 Bit Windows support with the appropriate operation. You no longer need to learn any code numbers for program control. You can select, from easily understandable lists, which variants the program should calculate. Now with more attractive lists and graphics, which can be printed to standard Windows printers or inserted via the clipboard into other programs. Also graphics can be zoomed or moved.

The program is present in German and English.

Reports and graphics are more appealing (report in HTML-format).

For most graphics axis-scale factors can be entered, with which the numbers can be transformed into legible dimensions.

For documentation and for using the data in other programs easily (e.g. "surfer", "AutoCad", spreadsheets or text processing programs), there is a export tool now. With that tool, data can be combined flexibly and stored in different formats.

Descriptors must now be unique and not empty.

The variants are now to be switched ON and not OFF. Default setting is ON.

The Table-Editor features column filter, preview and Import/Export from some standard formats.

The spectrums catalog and most other tables now features a category for better sorting.

For illustration purpose, one can add polygons (e.g. the property line), vertical Cylinders (e.g. a stack) and planes (e.g. the ground). These objects are ignored in the calculation.

Version 2/Windows

(German only)

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