P&K 2714

List of spectrums

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List of spectrums form

Form to manage project specific spectrums for the propagation calculation.

The program includes the catalogs DAEMMUNG_2571.SPE and INNENRAUM_2571.SPE with information about sound attenuation and interior level measure defined in the guideline VDI 2571. These files can be found in the samples folder.

Via the pop-up menu (right mouse button click, or the button Spektrenkatalog und Generatoren), the Spectrums catalog and a variety of spectrum generators are available.


Unique descriptor for a data set.


Optional tool for grouping.


A-weighted level of sound power, attenuation or sound pressure.

V1, V2 and V3

Activation of the level for the variants. Default setting is ON.

63Hz ....

Level in octave band.

see Operation within the tables and Spectrums catalog