P&K 3781 (VDI 3781 2)

List of the pollutants

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List of the pollutants


Consecutive number of a pollutant. NR is just used internally. When inserting rows, the relation to the collectives will change.


The name of a pollutant can be entered here or selected from the internal list.


The S-Value of the emitted air polluted material. For the internally stored materials the related S-Value will be set.

Emission [mg/m3]

Concentration of the emitted air polluted material in mg/m3 referred to the exhaust volume rate of the waste gas in standard state after deduction of the dampness content. If the concentration has been entered, the mass flux will be calculated.

Emission [kg/h]

Emission mass flux of the emitted air polluted material in kg/h. If the mass flux has been entered, the concentration will be calculated.

Q/S, Height [m]

Calculation values of the model.