P&K 3781 (VDI 3781 2)

Program introduction

Product has been archived / Produkt wurde archiviert

Calculation of the stack height according to TA Luft 1986/2002 with regard to rugged terrain according to VDI 3781 Part 2

This program calculates the stack height according to TA Luft, including an additional development and vegetation, as well as a correction with regard to rugged terrain according to VDI 3781 part 2.

The characteristic parameters for the schematized types of terrain (VDI guideline) are determined for the defined terrain profile.

Instead of an "frequently chosen, but inaccurate" analytical description, the nomogram has been digitalized.

The list of the TA Luft pollutants is integrated in the program. For documentation of the results, the lists as well as the graphics can be viewed on screen or printed.

Full Windows support with the appropriate operation. You no longer need to learn any code numbers for program control. You can select, from easily understandable lists, which variants the program should calculate. Now with more attractive lists and graphics, which can be printed to standard Windows printers or inserted into other programs via the clipboard. Also graphics can be zoomed or moved.

The program is present in German and English.

At our website you can see the program documentation and samples, as well as download a demo.

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