P&K 3782

Source and material data

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Source and material data

Log text

Describing text, which will appear in the log of the characteristic calculation .

Stack height [m]

Set stack height values within 0 and 250 m.

Stack opening diameter [m]

Stack opening diameter (muzzle) and the exhaust volume rate determine the mechanical lift of the plume. Set values within 0.1 m and 50 m.

Exhaust volume rate [m3/s]

Set exhaust volume rate in standard state. Set exhaust volume rate between 1 and 500.

Exhaust temperature [°C]

Temperature (upper opening, muzzle) and exhaust volume rate of the waste gas determine the emission of heat and therefore the thermal lift of plume. The ambient air temperature must not fall below 10°C. Set temperature between 10 and 50°C.

Sedimentation velocity [m/s]

Settling velocity of particles in the waste gas plume. Set sedimentation velocity between 0.01 m/s and 5 m/s.

Deposition velocity [m/s]

The extent of deposition of material on the ground. Set values between 0.01 m/s and 5 m/s.

Relevant area (radius) [m]

The concentration array calculation stores information for waste gas plumes of this distance. In the characteristics calculation, the distances between receptor points and sources may not exceed this value. Set values between 50 m and 100.000 m.

Terrain of sizable roughness

The guideline VDI 3782 part 1 offers the possibility to choose from two ground roughnesses for the vertical wind profile: