P&K 3782

Alter Column Values considering date and time

Product has been archived / Produkt wurde archiviert

In this form the values of a column can be modified with regards to the time.

The column name shown here is an example only and possibly not available in your program.

From / To

These fields are for the range definition. Here are some examples:

FromToAddressed Data Sets
, MO, FRSelects all Data Sets between 8h and 16h from Monday through Friday.
, SO, SASelects all Data Sets from January through April.
, SO, SASelects all Data Sets from the first of each month.


The time range (begin and end) can be set by selecting a range of rows in the timeline dialog. To select a range, one has to switch the dialog into the proper mode via the right mouse button menu.

Both masks have to be used. The days alone are not enough!
Time is in 24 Hour cycle!


Here the type of action is to be set. The selected Column Values will be either added or multiplied with the value or set to it.

The value can contain an expression also. This gives access to column values, functions and constants. An expression can be generated in the calculator dialog, which can be invoked via the right mouse button menu and Expression. The in-cell calculator is disabled as long as the value field is not numeric. In addition to the fields in this dialog, the value of Minimum value for user function in Column Properties will be considered.