P&K 3783 (VDI 3783 part 1+2)

List of the pollutants


Name of the text file for the material selection list. If empty or the name is unknown, the internal list is to be used.


Consecutive number of a receptor point. NR is just used internally. When inserting rows, the relation to the collectives will change.


Enter the name of a material or select it from a list.


Standard density (1013hPa, 273.15 K) of the gas is to be entered in kg/m3.

Selecting a material from a list, the related density will be overwritten. For air 1.295 applies.

Boiling point

The boiling point (1013hPa) of a gas is to be entered in °C.

Selecting a material from the list, the related boiling point will be set.

Lower flammability limit (UZG)

The lower ignition limit is to be set in Vol.%.

Selecting a material from a list, the related lower flammability limit (UZG) will be overwritten.


The material concentration in g/m3. This input is evaluated only if the mass flux is to be calculated from concentration and exhaust volume rate (checkbox in the form Emission course).

The following values are indicated for information only:

Part 2

Information for connecting the heavy gas model.

Flammability distance

Flammability distance for mean and the worst dispersions in meters. For a material concentration of 1 Vol.% on the ambient air concentration location (UZG = 1%), these distances correspond to the coupling distances for the models according to part 1 and 2.


The worst dispersion in meters.


The characteristic length in meters.

See also: Operation within the tables