P&K MET (VDI 3782 1 1)

Getting Started

Product has been archived / Produkt wurde archiviert

Analysis of weather data and generation of dispersion categories according to VDI 3782 part 1 Appendix 1

When loading statistics or timelines, the data are loaded completely into the RAM. Together with many other parameters, these data are considered input data.

The Input data are modifiable in different forms. A opened dispersion category statistic can be modified in the form Edit / Edit Statistic and a timeline can be modified in Edit / Edit Timeline.

From the input data, output data are generated via different filters. The output data can be analyzed as tables and illustrations.

As filter for dispersion category statistics, a variety of different predefined and user definable wind speed categories are available in Edit / Wind Velocities and different Display units are available in Options / Units.

For Timelines, a time frame or a record averaging can be defined in Edit / Timeline Options. The dispersion categories are calculated according to VDI 3782 part 2 appendix 1. Geographical information needed for this are retrieved via the Station number from the file WeatherStations.txt.

Under Outputs/Save a variety of file formats can be written. Not all formats are allways available and they rely on other settings. For the usage with other programs, program specific header may need to be defined in Edit/Head....

For an easy startup, one or more sample files are supplied with the program in the program folder. The program is designed to initially show the folders Sample(s) and/or Beispiel(e). This feature does not work on all windows versions, in such a case one has to navigate to the program folder (e.g. c:\Program Files\P&K\....).