Multi-Core / Multi-Processor extension for Austal View

Product has been archived / Produkt wurde archiviert

Also included in P&K TAL2K MPI

Austal2000 Calculation will run with almost 4-fold (Quad Core) or 8-fold (8-Core) the speed.

The local version (Multi-Core or Multi-Processor in one Box) of our Software Extension for Austal View is available via ArguSoft.

What you need:

  1. A PC with Intel processors or Intel Multi-Core processor with MS Windows 8.1 or later.
  2. A licensed Program Austal View from ArguSoft.
  3. A license number for our extension to be bought via ArguSoft.

Ones you have everything above you can proceed here:


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  1. Installation is straight forward. Run the installer and make sure it installs in the proper program directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Lakes\AUSTAL View\Models).
  2. For our MULTI-CORE programs we use MS-MPI, which should be installed beforehand. The Microsoft product can be found at Microsoft MPI.
  3. Make sure smpd.exe, mpiexec.exe, austal*MPI*.exe and taldiaMPI.exe can access the network and are not blocked by any firewall or other software.
  4. Make sure that above programs can access enough resources. If you run austal2000 four times (on 4 cores), you need to have four times the RAM one process would use.
  5. Older Systems

Note: Hyper Thread is not Multi-Core or Multi-Processor! (Intel I7 (4 core) might work with Hyper Thread and gain almost the speed of a regular 8-core processsor. This has to be verified. Patches for Meltdown and Spectre might have made this not to be useable.