P&K TAL2K (TA Luft 2002 / AUSTAL)


New Version P&K AST

Form for the definition of monitor-points or evaluation points. These elements can also be placed in Graphical Tools for drawing objects.


Order Number, assignment will change when rows are inserted or tables are sorted.


Unique descriptor for a data set.


With this switch one monitor point with all dependent variables can be switched off. It is not considered thereby in the computation.

X-Coordinate (XP)

X-coordinate of the monitor point (evaluation point) relative to Gx.

Y-Coordinate (YP)

Y-coordinate of the monitor point (evaluation point) relative to Gy.

Height (HP)

Height of the monitor point (evaluation point) above ground.


Describing Text. The Comment will not shown in the Report by default, but can be added in the Setup in the Report.

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