Program Version Review

Version (2017-09-12)

  • Some browsers stopped to accept a local file as parameter. Istead of showing that file its path was send to a search engine. The file path has been rewritten to make this work again.

Version (2016-02-06)

  • Problem (RainIntensity exists) when reloading a weather series with precipitation fixed.

Version (2015-08-20)

  • The Program can now be started with a project file name as parameter.
  • During installation a link for TLP files to P&K TAL2K will be registered. This allows to open a project with double click.
  • Some fixes for Windows 10.

Version (2015-08-10)

  • The loading of projects in batch mode could insert fregments of other projects (emission rate).

Version 2.6.11 (2015-07-27)

  • MPI configuration hanger fixed in Windows 10.

Version 2.6.11 (2015-07-16)

  • TALDAImpi error regarding settingspath prevented.

Version (2014-10-09)

  • Processor-Identification rewritten

Version 2.6.11. (2014-10-06)

  • Taldia Bug-fix removed, because bug was fixed.
  • Small adjustments.
  • Uses austal2000 2.6.11

Version 2.6.9. (2014-08-04)

  • Added the gaseous substance Hg0 (elemental mercury with the deposition rate 0.0003 m/s).
  • Option to select AUSTAL2000N-calculation (Wet Deposition)
  • Expansion and adjustment in accordance with AUSTAL2000N.pdf Version 2.6.9 Page 28 Paragraph: Precipitation (Niederschlag).
  • The dust-like substance bae (bioaerosol) has also been included in all grain size classes (bae-1-2 bae, bae-3-4 bae, bae-u). The amount is specified as a number N, where N is the number of particles either directly or it refers to another dimension, such as the colony-forming unit (CFU). (AUSTAL2000N-calculation)
  • The batch form stays now more responsive during calculation and all projects (*.tlp) in a directory can be added per Drag and Drop on to the form.
  • Fix for Taldia-Bug: "Problem 2014-04-02 (TALdia and ri)"

Version (2011-11-30)

  • Potential problem in the call sequence of other programs fixed.
  • (MPI) The order of run parameters for austal2000.exe has been changed as we got one case where this caused problems. Error ./.austal2000.log could not be written.
  • (MPI) We sometimes use DOS 8.3 names to overcome problems with special characters. The program will now generate an error if DOS 8.3 names are turned off in the registry

Version (2011-11-18)

  • Derived components are now being generated for derived sub-nets (evaluation areas) as well.
  • The huge, in verbose mode (verbosity>3), created taldia.log files could crash pk_mpi.exe. The merging of these files are now done using less memory. Now what will one do with a 800MB log file?

Version (2011-11-01)

  • Buildings and cylinders are available now in all versions.

Version (2011-10-28)

  • For evaluation areas one can now select if these are generated for sub-nets as well.
  • Sort of the batch list no longer generates errors with empty strings.
  • The trailer row in the batch list can no longer be selected or moved.
  • Virtual results are now also generatd for bar diagramms and 3d illustrations.

Version MPI (2011-10-21)

  • Minor correction to catch possible problems with special characters in paths (e.g. lib) and austal2000.txt.

Version MPI (2011-10-14)

  • Minor correction to catch possible problems with special characters in paths (e.g. lib) and austal2000.txt.

Version (2011-10-12)

  • Reorganised Menu. All Outputs and Inputs (which do not require a new calculation) are now under Analisis.
  • New faster isoline modul.
  • Possible read errors of austal2000.log files when importing results are fixed.
  • Some small improvements.

Version 2.5.1 (2011-09-19)

  • Includes AUTSTAL2000 2.5.1 (Problem 2011-09-12 fixed (PRFMOD and AKS)
  • Not all results were imported when calculating in english.

Version 2.5 (2011-08-24)

  • The programm package contains now AUSTAL2000 Version 2.5.
  • The short projekt title may now bee 255 characters long.
  • The program includes a coordinate transformation with which e.g. Gauss-Krüger coordinates can be converted into UTM coordinates.
  • Derived components may now be build from components of equivalent tables. These are e.g. z.B. NH3_depz mit NH3_deps.
  • (turns the generation of virtual results as derived components, combined nets or Evaluation areas on or off)
  • Virtual results as derived components, combined nets or Evaluation areas are now all generated before the generation of graphics, protocols or exports if turned on under the menu item Options
  • Program has been revamped to support Multibyte Characters and uses UTF-8 character encoding.
  • The Odor option is now in the standard package.
  • Unsere MPI-Version wird noch getestet.
  • Da die Windows-Konsole nicht Multibyte-fahig ist, müssen wird hier noch unsere eigene implemntieren. D.h. bei der Berechnung können Multibyte zeichen verstümmelt erscheinen. Das ist aber nur die Anzeige.

Version / Windows (2009-04-29)

  • P&K TAL2K supports now terrain files in DGM Format. For this file type multiple files can be importet in one step. Duplicates are automatically ignored..

Version / Windows (2009-04-29)

  • Multiple program instances are again allowed, but only the first can write global data and provide functionionality which relies on alterations of global data.

Version / Windows (2009-02-28)

  • Problem with different layer count in height profile fixed.
  • Index error regarding integer only results fixed.
  • Cluster Client Remote Program Path now editable in MPI form.

Version / Windows (2009-02-25)

  • Derived components work with nested virtual areas as well now.
  • New type in File Open dialog, which combine a recalculation with project recovery
  • The program tests now if a linked LIB directory is empty or not.

Version / Windows (2009-02-18)

  • Adjustements to austal2000 version 2.4.7
  • austal2000 and taldia uses a 4000 byte buffer to read dmna files. In some cases this could be not enough. We inserted "buff 16000" in the dmana files written by P&K TAL2K to avoid any problems.
  • In View / Sections windows sizes are now saved as well.
  • New form in View / Window Size in which window sizes can be stored and used in all projects.

Version / Windows (2009-01-07)

  • Problem with zeitreihe.dmna when hyphens in name fixed.
  • "---" in austal2000.log is now set as NaN and does no longer generate an error.

Version / Windows (2008-12-11)

  • Package includes now austal2000 Version 2.4.4.
  • Program supports the new Odor components according to the GIRL 2008 guideline.

Version / Windows (2008-09-15)

  • A problem with the reading of time dependent sources was fixed.

Version / Windows (2008-07-30)

  • The content encoding will now be set in reports. This will now display special characters, properly when the browser setting is e.g. UTF-8..
  • If the environment variable LOCALAPPDATA is set (Windows Vista) all files, which are modified by the application, are stored in the local application data folder. This should now avoid any problems, which relate to the User-Account-Control of Windows Vista. At the first use of this program version, all related files are copied to the application data folder and are ignore in the program folder thereafter.

Version / Windows (2008-07-15)

  • When calculating with situation dependent components, the parameter files, which have a hyphen in the name, were created with underscore instead.

Version / Windows (2008-04-01)

  • Fixed error message DD=0 when opening the graphics edtor.

Version / Windows (2008-03-29)

  • English translation functions updated to match the latest austal2000 source code.
  • The screen output of austal2000 and taldia is now being translated live.
  • The batch list got sometimes lost when a project was loaded.

Version / Windows (2008-03-22)

  • Fix for different screen resolution if other than 96dpi.

Version / Windows (2008-03-11)

  • The coordinates of buildings has not been projected to austal2000's system correctly for some rotation angles. This has been corrected.
  • The coordinate display in the drawing tool can now be switched to relative coodinates.

Version / Windows (2008-01-23)

  • Functions under the menu Windfelds have been moved into the form Windfields and the handling of external wind fields has been added.
  • Windfields consisting of more than 1400 files failed at import. The limit has been increased to 3000 files.
  • The parameter Nz is now supported.
  • DD = 0 will be blocked now at input.

Version / Windows (2008-01-08)

  • Time filter in AlterValues when editing a timeline works again.
  • New: As a Help, the weekday is displayed, if the mouse is hold still over a time.

Version / Windows (2008-01-07)

  • Embedded help works now too, when the result illustration is opened multiple times.
  • Border of raster elements works again.

Version / Windows (2007-12-17)

  • In most of the forms an embetted help has been added. This can be turned off in Preferences.
  • Our MPI-Version supports now additional substances ODOR01-09 and NH301-09.
  • In our MPI-Version there is now a form Inputs / Derived Components in which virtual components can be defined. These components are calculated according to the user defined formula just before any illustration.

Version / Windows (2007-11-13)

  • Fixed a bug which prevented transparency in the colored shape illustration.

Version / Windows (2007-10-29)

  • Fixed a bug which did prevent the calculation without Multi-Core extension and TalDia.

Version / Windows (2007-09-27)

  • Optional Multi-Core support implemented. Calculation will run with almost 2-fold (Dual Core) or 4-fold (Quad-Core) the speed. (separately sold)
  • New form to store constants, which can be used in most numeric entry fields.

Version / Windows (2007-08-08)

  • Batch functionality and form overhauled. See Batch Jobs for details.

Version / Windows (2007-04-19)

  • After loading results from a calculation, time-dependent data were sometimes not displayed in edit timeline.

Version / Windows (2007-01-23)

  • Reading of Timelines with trailing empty lines corrected.

Version / Windows (2006-12-28)

  • RL_INTER.exe from program package removed.
  • The Roughness length files RL.dat has been replaced with durch z0-gk.dmna, z0-gk.dmnt.gz, z0-utm.dmna und z0-utm.dmnt.gz.
  • Number of Monitor Points increased from 10 to 20.
  • UTM coordinate handling implemented.
  • Some adjustments for AUSTAL2000 Version 2.3.2. Here the Update text from Janicke Consulting:

Version / Windows (2006-10-27)

  • Small bug fix to avoid SouceComponentId error.

Version / Windows (2006-08-10)

  • New enviroment variables for batches. Read more
  • Projectname now forced to contain absolute paths in batch dialog.

Version / Windows (2006-07-18)

Version / Windows (2006-07-12)

  • Environment variable ProjectName wasn't set properly for batch execution.
  • Default file extension for batch projects corrected to .tlb.

Version / Windows (2006-07-07)

  • A problem with time dependent source did inhibit the calculation.

Version / Windows (2006-06-13)

  • A problem with time dependent source did inhibit the calculation.

Version / Windows (2006-06-12)

  • Error message when importing AKT timelines with missing data fixed.

Version / Windows (2006-06-03)

  • Version number adjusted to 2.2.11 to reflect AUSTAL2000 version
  • Substance OD is listed again to be compatible with old projects. OD isn't supported anymore or new projects.

Version / Windows (2006-05-20)

  • Substance OD discontinued. Use ODOR instead.
  • Terrain file handling corrected as some files weren't properly read.
  • Pakage contains now AUSTAL2000 Version 2.2.11

Version / Windows (2006-04-12)

  • Due to some cases of mismatched extensions, we have implemented a auto correction for some time line type.

Version / Windows (2006-03-02)

  • There was another wrongly formatted timeline. We have extended the internal auto-correction, so these time lines can be loaded as well.

Version / Windows (2006-02-16)

  • Finally we got the source code for our graphic library and were able to fix the gap/overlap error in the colored shape illustrations.

Version / Windows (2006-02-08)

Version / Windows (2005-10-27)

  • Import of AKT files could in rare cases cause error messages on starting a calculation
  • Startup time 30% reduced.
  • Documents revised to avoid MS IE error messages.

Version / Windows (2005-08-21)

  • Saved (memorized) report parameters weren't considered when showing a report.
  • The Shape Size was not taken into account, when GIRL areas were displayed. This might have occurred under other circumstances as well.

Version / Windows (2005-06-13)

  • The parameter QB for obstacles was sometimes saved as wrong value. If this was used, please verify in the dialog, because this value is now set according to the calculation.
  • AUSTAL2000 Projects could not be imported, if the specified timeline didn't exist, but a ZEITREIHE.dmna did.
  • When using inactive Monitor Points, an error message could popup when loading results.

Version / Windows (2005-04-21)

  • The repeated import of terrain files could result in memory errors, this has been fixed.
  • GeoTIFF / TIFF files are imported directly without external tools.
  • TIFF files with three bands are also supported now.
  • Package includes AUSTAL2000.exe Version 2.2.1. Changes in this program.

Version / Windows (2005-04-01)

  • In the result illustration, index numbers were displayed for some objects, but those didn't exist in some table such as Sources. Now if an ID is used in a table that will be displayed properly in the result illustration. This has influeence only if "long names" is not selected

Version / Windows (2005-03-27)

  • The projection onto aevalutation areas according to GIRL was wrong, when X and Y was set unequal to Zero.

Version / Windows (2005-02-28)

  • An OS mnemonic with no parameter could cause AUSTAL2000.exe to fail. This has been fixed.
  • AUSTAL2000.exe Version 2.1.14

Version / Windows (2005-01-23)

  • Almost all features of AUSTAL2000 Version 2.1.6 and 2.1.11 are now implemented.
  • Obstacles such as buildings and Cooling Towers can be considered with the new AUSTAL2000-Model (Taldia).
  • When importing Windfield libraries an error could occur, this has been fixed.

Not yet implemented is the obstacle raster import.

Version / Windows (2004-11-08)

  • Inside the result representation the current cursor position can be shown. See View / Coordinates.
  • Batch caclulations are available now (See menu Tools / Batches)
  • Geo-referenced TIFF files can be directly imported .
  • The calculation dialog for the heat emission has been removed.
  • In the form Sources, equations are defined or can be defined to derive values from other columns. See the menu under right mouse button click and column properties.
  • The file filters for terrain file import has been extended to show files of type XYZ, AAG and GRID. This simplifies the selection of terrain files.
  • The Source Wizard has been reconfigured
  • The isoline illustration has been made a little faster.

Version / Windows (2004-09-28)

  • XYZ-files can be read directly in Terrain / Import.
  • Corrected Version of AUSTAL2000.exe. Program would abort, if Odor and OD wasn't defined.

Version / Windows (2004-09-26)

  • Little enhancement in the result illustration, with which section settings can be saved and easily restored. See Menu: View / Section.
  • Error message when openening old Odor projects corrected (Version

Version / Windows (2004-09-16)

  • Program has been modified to work with AUSTAL2000 Version 2.0.1, especial the component Odor has been added. (Requieres odor option)
  • According to the GIRL guidline an area projection has been integrated, which allows to project the result to a new raster. This works for all components.

Version / Windows (2004-07-23)

Updated dmwpre.exe program for MISKAM calculations.

Version / Windows (2004-06-16)

  • A spelling error caused that one couldn't import weather data into a project without weather data.

Version / Windows (2004-05-25)

  • The names of monitor points were not transfered properly to the results.
  • New parameters for air flow calculations
  • Air flow calculations with MISKAM are possible now.
  • New menu items in the file menu for input and output of remote files to be used at our Internet portal for Environmental Simulations.

Version / Windows (2004-04-13)

  • Movements of obstacles (option DMW) in the graphical tools have not caused an update of the data.

Version / Windows (2004-03-23)

  • Some graphic parameter like manually set thresholds have been saved, but to restored again
  • An isoline width smaller than 2 has been set to 3.
  • Recent file dialog has been overhauld and offers now more comfort.

Version / Windows (2004-03-05)

  • When importing terrain files, one could encounter problems with embedded TAB characters. The Tab characters are now converted to blanks before interpretation.
  • The package contains a new version of the program Taldiames.exe, which doesn't fail on the new substance OD.
  • A problem with saveing weather data has been fixed.

Version / Windows (2004-02-17)

  • A Pre- and Post-Processor can now be used for the calculation.

Version / Windows (2004-02-13)

  • Problem with newly entered serial number fixed.
  • A modified calculation raster has not always been updated after a re-calculation. This has been fixed. For existing calculations, one can try to avoid a new calculation, by using "File/Open/Recover P&K TAL2K project", if the calculation data still exist in the temp folder.
  • When importing ASCII or CSV files, embedded TAB characters could cause problems. These character are converted to blanks now, bevor a line is parsed.
  • The Column Information display has been corrected for moved columns.

Version / Windows (2003-12-12)

  • An error could occur, when save graphic configurations. This has been fixed.
  • The scale factor in graphics printing has been corrected.

Version / Windows (2003-11-18)

  • The Odor-Results were to high.
  • The Odor and DMW parameters are now stated in the report.
  • On loading a project, an address error could raise, if the calculation was performed for multiple heights.

Form Graphical Tools for drawing objects

  • An index error could occour if an object was selected but then not clicked up on for dragging.
  • The legend is no longer been moved by dragging it with the mouse.
  • The legend is parametered differently to accommodate more entries. Still, not all entries will be shown, if the number of entries is too large. In ssuch a case, change settings in Setup, or switch it off

Version / Windows (2003-11-05)

  • The Program package includes now our Version of AUSTAL2000.exe and additional modules for the consideration of odorous substances and obstacles (according to the guideline VDI 3783 part 10). (Activation Code required!)
  • The illustration of the results has been improved.
  • The usage of a height profile is now supported, it can be defined under the menu Edit.
  • Special parameters (as stated in Appendix D and E AUSTAL2000.pdf) can be used now.
  • Externally generated meteorological fields can be used. See 2.10
  • The access to the utilility RL_Inter (manual determination of Z0) has been integrated. See Global Parameters. Utility is in German.
  • Obstacles like buildings and trees can be defined for the generation of wind fields. This requires the option Option DMW.
  • Ordinate settings in Characteristics Illustrations had been partially reseted after restoring them.
  • Version number has been adjusted to current version of AUSTAL2000.
  • The program AUSTAL2000.exe is now being invoked, with the current directory set its directory and no longer the working directory. This was necessary for the sub-process VDISP.exe.
  • P&K TAL2K can now be installed on systems with Internet Explorer 5.0 installed. The requirement used to be Version 5.5.

Version / Windows (2003-09-18)

  • Problem with multiple source and missmatched mass fluxes corrected.

Version / Windows (2003-09-09)

  • Version number has been adjusted to match austal2000 version number.
  • Alternatively, comma or dot can be used as decimal delimiter, when entering real numbers.
  • Comma or dot can be selected as decimal delimiter in outputs.
  • Additionally to the substances defined in the TA Luft, the substance "XX" has been introduced. XX can be a gas or dust. XX is a substitute for substances, which have to be taken into account, but for which are no values defined in the TA Luft.
  • AUSTAL2000 Version 1.1.9 is now supported
  • In the tables about evaluation at monitor points, columns and rows have been swapped. Now values at monitor points can be included in the graphics.
  • Search function in table editor.
  • In Tools / 3D-Illustrations, tables are now selectable..
  • The statistic uncertainties are in a separate table.
  • Nested computation grids are also available in a merged illustration of the results. The component name has an additional N at the end.
  • New optional Odor-Extension prepared.

Version / Windows (2003-07-04)

  • Single Columns can be imported via the Popup Menu. From the selected file, the values are taken and written to the position, from which the dialog was invoked. One value will be read per line from an ASCII file (includes CSV format) .

Version / Windows (2003-06-05)

  • Added Comment field in the forms Sources, Substances, Computation Grids and Monitor Points.
  • Source Wizard in the forms Source for simplified input of sources.
  • Row-Editor in some grid forms.
  • In most cases, the graphic settings can now be saved.

Version / Windows (2003-05-19)

Under some circumstances source parameter couldn't be made time or situation dependent.

Version / Windows (2003-04-11)

AUSTAL2000-Files (Control Files) can be created under the menu File/Export.

Version 1.0.3 / Windows (2003-02-16)

Release of English version. See German version for further history data.

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