The form is used to define global settings for the project.

Project Title

The project title will be included in the output of graphics and reports.

Recirculation zone according guideline

When calculating the recirculation zone, the guideline distinguishes between the course over the emitting building and the course outside the building. Above the building, the recirculation rises to the maximum height (H2) and outside the building the recirculation zone at the building edge always starts with the height H2. This leads to a discontinuity at the building edge, especially in the case of propagation in the direction of the ridge. Placement of the discharge device on the ridge thereby results in significantly lower height than placement slightly outside the ridge.

P&K KFA offers the possibility to calculate width:

  • Recirculation zones according to the guideline: Starts at the building edge with height H2
  • Consistent recirculation zones: connect to the recirculation of the roof and start at reduced height H2*

The default is the policy compliant option. Program parameters can be used to switch to the alternative calculation mode.

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