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Program Version Review

Version (2010-06-29)

  • The line "browser=C:\Program Files\Opera61\opera.exe" in App-Config will now call an external browser for the Programhelp. This is especielly useful for Wine under Linux.

Version (2010-01-18)

  • A vector function could produce variations and influence neigbor sectors. This could result in small variation over the sectors in a generated statitic.
  • The current project is now displayed in the window caption.
  • AKTerm timelines are now read dynamically, if lines are found with variing length.

Version (2010-01-14)

  • Program has been tested and is now supported on Windows 7.

Version (2009-07-24)

  • Some minor fixes.

Version (2009-06-15)

  • Program has been revamped to support Multibyte Characters.
  • Enhanced import functionality for statitiscs of free formats.
  • The background color of charts has been changed to white again, which is more suitable for prints. The white color in the palette has be change to orange so that it is visible on white background.
  • A bug when using more than 25 threshold values for the wind verlocity and a free statistik would nomalize and spread data falsely into the TA Luft statistic.

Version (2009-02-11)

  • A small change to make this program UAC (User Account Control) compatible under Windows Vista.

Version (2008-08-27)

  • For Help and Reports an embedded browser will be used. This avoids those Script-Warnings from Internet Explorer.
  • New Form App-Config
  • Modifications and tests under Linux/Wine. More information to this in our Forum.

Version / Windows (2008-08-01)

  • The content encoding will now be set in reports. This will now display special characters, properly when the browser setting is e.g. UTF-8..
  • If the environment variable LOCALAPPDATA is set (Windows Vista) all files, which are modified by the application, are stored in the local application data folder. This should now avoid any problems, which relate to the User-Account-Control of Windows Vista. At the first use of this program version, all related files are copied to the application data folder and are ignore in the program folder thereafter.

Version / Windows (2008-03-23)

  • Fix for different screen resolution if other than 96dpi.
  • In most of the forms an embetted help has been added. This can be turned off in Preferences.

Version / Windows (2007-09-21)

  • New form to store constants, which can be used in most numeric entry fields.
  • Numbers in synthetic TA Luft statistics were written with trailing blanks instead of leading ones, which caused problems in some programs.
  • There was a rounding error in synthetic time lines after 2385 hours. The increment is being created in a different way now.

Version / Windows (2007-01-23)

  • Reading of Timelines with trailing empty lines corrected.

Version / Windows (2006-06-12)

  • Error message when importing AKT timelines with missing data fixed.

Version (2006-04-12)

  • Due to some cases of mismatched extensions, we have implemented a auto correction for some time line type.

Version (2006-03-02)

  • There was another wrongly formatted timeline. We have extended the internal auto-correction, so these time lines can be loaded as well.
  • Additional features to commit time dependent modifications on the time line. See Alter Column Values considering date and time

Version (2005-11-09)

  • When importing a timeline form an ASCII file, there was no decimal digit for wind speed when editing the same. The display precision will now be adjusted if a fraction is present.
  • Also for ASCII file import, there was a wrong factor, which caused the wind speed to be interpreted as knots and not m/s.
  • The file WeatherStations.txt in the installation package has been renamed to WeatherStations.txt.default. If you like to edit this, copy it to WeatherStations.txt. This won't be overwritten on an update.

Version (2005-11-03)

  • New dialogs to define free weather statistics. (Free Statistic)
  • Import of AKT files could in rare cases cause error messages on export.
  • Startup time 30% reduced.
  • Documents revised to avoid MS IE error messages.

Version (2005-04-12)

  • A wrongly set flag in an AKTERM file could lead to memory errors.

Version (2005-03-03)

  • Changed behavier for TA-Luft AKS Headers. Now the program will try to correct the header when saving to such a file and particular lines are not present in the header.
  • New sample header button in the Header and Title dialog.

Version (2005-02-27)

Version (2004-07-14)

  • Under the Popup menu (right mouse button) in Edit Timeline one can recalculate the stability classes, if all input data are available. Longitude, Lattitude und time zone can be modified in that form as well.

Version (2004-07-11)

  • Additional tool to create some null weather data under File / New.
  • Edit statistic and timeline was not disabled without project.
  • Recent file dialog has been overhauld and offers now more comfort.

Version 1.5.0.xx/Windows (2003-09-xx)

  • Alternatively, comma or dot can be used as decimal delimiter, when entering real numbers.
  • Comma or dot can be selected as decimal delimiter in outputs.
  • Single Columns can be imported via the Popup Menu. From the selected file, the values are taken and written to the position, from which the dialog was invoked. One value will be read per line from an ASCII file (includes CSV format) .
  • Row-Editor in some grid forms.
  • In most cases, the graphic settings can now be saved.
  • Title and Header are separated now.
  • HTML-Reports made faster.

HTML-Reports were generated with format definitions on individual elements. Now, all formats are defined in a stylesheet definition before the user Stylsheet in the HEAD section. This results in a much smaler report file and in a quicker processing by the browser. In case, a user Stylesheet is defined, the layout might now look a little different!

Version 1.4/Windows (2003-02-16)

  • Dispersion Category Statistics of the (old) TA Luft-Format can be generated from other formats. Those files can be used in P&K TAL2K or AUSTAL2000.
  • Simplified installation procedure. The downloaded file is a executable program, which doesn't need to be unpacked beforehand.
  • The number formatting in the Data-Export has been improved to avoid width problems.
  • The background of the graphics is now white to simplify printing.
  • In the new form (Edit / Header), the header lines can be modified.

Version 1.3/Windows (2002-05-18)

Besides many tiny (here undescribed) modifications and corrections, the following alterations are to be pointed out.

  • The new time line format of the DWD (Deutscher Wetter Dienst) can be opened now.
  • All references to HTML.OCX have been deleted, this will avoid problems related to this modul. Instead of HTML.OCX, the MS Internet Explorer must be present in the System.
  • In the menu File / Recent Projects, recently modified projects can be opened.

Version 1.2/Windows (2001-11-30)

Besides many tiny (here undescribed) modifications and corrections, the following alterations are to be pointed out.

  • The program can now store timelines as AKT files, which could be used in the program AUSTAL2000.
  • Calculator in real input fields (right mouse button).
  • Additional settings in the Report-Output.
  • Column values can be modified in Alter Column Values (right mouse button in edit timeline).

The Program must be retrieved as a complete Package from our Web-Server.

Version (2001-08-25)