P&K 2714

Getting Started

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For the work with P&K 2714 it is advantageous to create different spectrums catalogs. Under the menu Spectrums Catalog in the form Spectrums catalog, project independent catalogs can be managed. Included in the program package are sound attenuation and interior level according to VDI 2571. Project related spectrums can be managed under the menu Edit / Spectrums in the form List of spectrums. Via the pop-up menu (right mouse button click, or the button Spektrenkatalog und Generatoren), the Spectrums catalog and a variety of spectrum generators are available.

A new project can be started with the settings in the form Central model parameters. Besides of the global calculation parameter, up to three variants can be activated. These can represent day, night and noise peak times. The variants are linked to the check boxes V1 .. V3 in List of spectrums.

In the form List of Obstacles, obstacles with there geometries and noise properties can be defined. In the noise property fields, dB levels can be entered or spectrums can be selected.

Under the menu Edit / Sources the forms List of Facade sources, List of Outside sources and List of Traffic Sources available. Noise properties and geometries of the sources can be entered into these forms. For simplification, the coordinates of sources can be expressed relative to an obstacle.

Under the menu Edit / Receptor Points, points of interest can be managed. Under Edit Receptor Points, the points can be edited. A regular raster can be defined under Net define.

In the form List of Extra Objects, objects like lot boundaries can be defined for the illustrations. Objects defined here are not regarded in the calculation.

Objects can also be defined / placed in Graphical Tools for drawing objects. This form can be found under the menu View.


Under Prognosis / Test Parameters, the the input data can be tested. The calculation can be executed under Prognosis / Calculate.


Under Prognosis / Area Map and Graphic, the area map and the illustration of the results are available. A report of the results can be generated under Prognosis / Report.


For analysis purpose the three-dimensional Illustration of the propagation paths is available. More detailed data can be determined for selected receptor under the menu Analysis.

For an easy startup, one or more sample files are supplied with the program in the program folder. The program is designed to initially show the folders Sample(s) and/or Beispiel(e). This feature does not work on all windows versions, in such a case one has to navigate to the program folder (e.g. c:\Program Files\P&K\....).

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