Program introduction

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Dispersion calculation for odorous substances according to
VDI 3782 part 4 and the Factor-10-Method

On the basis of dispersion category statistics, odor frequencies and perception frequencies are calculated according to the guideline VDI 3782 part 4.

The draft status of this guideline is taken into account, by making model parameters accessible for the user via the form.

The frequencies of odor can be calculated in that program by a common method. The Factor-10-Method determines how often the half hour average value (which was increased by a factor) exceeds the odor threshold.

A large number of point sources, line sources, and area sources can be considered in the calculation as well as receptor points.

For the result documentation the graphics can be viewed on the screen or can be printed.

Full Windows support with the appropriate operation. You no longer need to learn any code numbers for program control. You can select, from easily understandable lists, which variants the program should calculate. Now with more attractive lists and graphics, which can be printed to standard Windows printers or inserted via the clipboard into other programs. Also graphics can be zoomed or moved.

The program is present in German and English.

For most graphics axis-scale factors can be entered, with which the numbers can be transformed into legible dimensions.

For documentation and for using the data in other programs easily (e.g. "surfer", "AutoCad", spreadsheets or text processing programs), there is a export tool now. With that tool, data can be combined flexibly and stored in different formats. For quick documentation, a HTML-format can be selected here.

At our website you can see the program documentation and samples, as well as download a demo.