Petersen & Kade

The aim and mission of P&K is to serve its clients with environmental software solutions or calculation service. The use of P&K's programs will help planners or operators of plants such as power stations or waste incineration plants to comply with existing environmental laws and regulations.

P&K specializes in combining mathematical models, law requirements and computer techniques into practical software solutions as well as customized calculation models.

The strength of P&K lies in the profound scientific knowledge and long experience with dispersion models for odor, pollutants in the atmosphere, pollutants in road systems and noise. We have extensive experience with applied computer techniques in the environmental area, as well as assessments of emission and ambient air concentration monitoring programs.

We were involved in many impact studies. We have built a (client/server) plant permit management system, which is useful to control governmental permits and limitations for plants with a vast number of material flows.

We are small but very flexible. We collaborate with many small companies and with many top level specialists.

Petersen & Kade was formed by Diplom Ingenieur B. Petersen and Diplom Ingenieur R. Kade in 1981. P&K is completely independent and not affiliated with any larger group.