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Discharge conditions for exhaust gases for small and medium combustion systems and other installations.
The guideline VDI 3781 part 4 describes the discharge conditions for exhaust gases of small and medium combustion systems and other installations. The guideline became active July 2017 and has been referenced in the TA Luft 2021.
P&K 3781Calculation of the stack height according to TA Luft 1986 and 2002 including correction for uneven terrain according to VDI 3781 part 2 on the basis of digitalized nomographs.
P&K 3783Dispersion calculation for accidental releases (emission) according to VDI 3783 part 1 and part 2 in an integrated implementation of both guidelines.
P&K METProgram for the analysis and conversion of meteorologic data and generation or conversion of dispersion category statistics according to VDI 3782 part 1.
Dispersion calculation according to VDI 3945 part 3 (Environmental meteorology - Atmospheric dispersion models - Particle model) and TA LUFT 2021.
Comfortable extension of AUSTAL2000 with dialogs, assessments and illustrations. Includes calculation for odor.
Multi-Core / Multi-Processor Extension for Austal View or P&K AST
Calculation will run with almost 4-fold (Quad Core) or 8-fold (8-Core) the speed.
Requires: Computer with multiple processors or cores (not Hyper Thread).

All programs are tested under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. P&K KFA requires OpenGL min version 3.0. Some programs can be used under Linux. See our forum for this.

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